My Favorite Vendors

After having spent the last 11 years doing SEO work on one level or another, I’ve formed relationships with companies that I trust.  Here is a list of my favorite vendors.  I do receive a small commission from these vendors and I would greatly appreciate it if you choose to purchase any of these products by using the links on this page.


Web Hosting

Finding a decent hosting company can be quite a challenge.  I have gone through quite a few over the years and rarely have I had good service out of any of them.  Site5 is the exception to the rule and has become my favorite vendor for web hosting.  They have provided outstanding service and have top notch technical support.  They are very responsive no matter what time of the day or night I issue a support ticket.  They are good about notifying you when planned maintenance is scheduled and their uptime has been very satisfactory.


Enterprise-level SEO Tools

When it comes to organic SEO, Brightedge is very hard to beat.  It is expensive, but if you are tracking a large number of keywords and want to keep a close eye on your organic rankings and the rankings of your competitors, it’s a very hard product to beat.  Unlike many SEO products, it helps you optimize pages for more than one keyword phrase at a time.  It identifies keyword phrases that your competitors are using that you aren’t.  It has some great reporting features with some really nice dashboards to show your progress.


Small Business SEO Tools

Raven Tools provides a cost effective tool for tracking and reporting traffic to your web site.  They have excellent reporting tools that are very customizable and did a nice job on their new interface.  They have been quick to respond when there are issues, even though their product has not always been able to do what I asked, they listened, and added it to their collection of potential future features.