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Web analytics or web metrics is the process of measuring and analyzing how visitors get to your site and what they do when they get there.

There are many different options for measuring web metrics. Web analytics software typically falls into two categories, the first uses the web server log to create statistical information describing your web traffic. This software is limited in that it only can record what the web server sees. The other type uses server calls to record web traffic. The second type of web analytics software allows you to embed information that is important to you in each page. It tracks much more detailed information than web server log based software. Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst are two examples of web metric software that utilize server calls.

Web analytics software can also be used to measure the success of conventional advertising campaigns, such as mailers, print ads, and radio and television advertising. This is accomplished by giving each ad a specific landing page. For example, if I had a web design ad running on the WDJC radio station, you might give it a URL of I could then track the number of people who entered that page directly and then track those same people to see if they requested a quote. This would allow me to measure the cost effectiveness of a radio advertisement.

Another popular feature of web analytics software is to track how many pages and what pages a web site visitor goes to. You will frequently notice sites that state “People who viewed this also viewed these pages”. This is part of what people like to call the “Amazon” experience. Targeting in this way is a great way to increase sales and improve the overall customer experience on your web site.

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